new church photo directory!

The time has finally come for a new church directory, in response to many requests. However, this one will be significantly different and likely, much more meaningful than just a photo and contact list; This directory will also be our 2020 church time capsule!

We have set up a Google Form (a website) for you to use to submit your info and photos. The link is below. Before you click the link to our Google Form, we have a few thoughts to share with you.

  1. If you have more than one address (seasonal homes, college addresses, etc.) you are encouraged to list all of that information on this form- please indicate the function of each address/phone number/email addresses per family member. 

  2. If at any point you need help with photos (taking one, uploading one) you’ll have the chance to ask for help ON THE FORM. We are looking for images to reflect YOUR CURRENT SITUATION, and that means we are not looking for the family portrait from the last directory, or an “oldie but favorite” photo… let’s represent our authentic selves TODAY. NOTE: We may need to crop your photo if your face is too small, so please make sure you’re large enough to be recognized! And try to take off sunglasses (wink, wink!) 

  3. Lastly, we provided some prompts to help you write a BRIEF reflection. It’s meant to be brief but some are more comfortable writing than others. Please ask for help if you need it… we are here to care for each other, because THAT’S WHAT WE DO at First Presbyterian Church of Whippany; We love each other. Please limit your reply to 100 words, so the committee doesn’t have to decide what to eliminate from your response… THIS IS WHAT WILL MAKE THIS DIRECTORY PERSONAL, MEANINGFUL AND A KEEPSAKE FOR OUR MEMBERS. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this. 

  4. This time capsule directory will be sent out as an electronic file (PDF) for your convenience as soon as it’s complete. We will be looking into having a printed copy soon, however we felt it would be especially important to give everyone access right away! 

Please take time to complete this form by July 1, 2020. Rest assured that if you cannot complete it all at once, the settings will allow you to return to it and add more information as many times as you need to. Again, PLEASE complete by July 1, 2020. God bless you!

Watch our HOW TO video, to learn how to fill out the submission form!

Click here to watch!

A letter from Pastor Sarah 

Dear Members and Friends,

Grace and peace to you from God our Creator and the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

I met with our Session last night on an online program called ZOOM. We were able to see and hear one another, and pray together, and we are closely monitoring announcements from the CDC. We plan to follow their guidance. In person activities are all postponed, and worship is moving ONLINE! I’ll keep you updated as we move forward.

I long to be with you all in person, but being home—still and safe—is the way of love.

Join us for an interactive, virtual Worship Service on Sunday morning. All are welcome. You can access worship from your computer, cell phone, ipad, or land line. Read instructions on how to attend worship here. Weekly resources for children, youth, and families are available on our website.

These are uncertain and unprecedented times, aren’t they? I’ve never pastored a church through a pandemic, and you’ve never been in one. We need one another. I read a poem this week reminding that we are “tragically and beautifully connected.” We already know that in our bones--when one suffers, all suffer, when one rejoices, all rejoice. And, we will continue to worship and serve, together, although in new, responsible, and creative ways.

When there is great unrest, and I am responsible for guiding those around me, especially children, I turn to the wisdom of Mister Rogers, who said, “look for the helpers.” So many are helping the sick and those at risk in our community and worldwide, and I give thanks to God for their service.

We will still serve and support one another and our neighbors. We're creating a phone tree for communicating and caring for one another. We'll mail information to our members who don’t get emails. We have a regular mailing list and email list, but if you know of someone who would like to be added to our regular mailing list or weekly email list, please let me know. I’ve created uplifting spiritual resources on my blog that I'm calling a Spiritual Scrapbook.

Please check on your friends, neighbors, and those who are older than you, by phone. Being at home for long stretches can be so lonely--reach out. And, then let me know if you learn of needs! We can serve people from our food pantry with precautions taken; please let me know if you learn of food needs. Please reach out to me by email or phone.

Anxiety is high right now. Maybe you are feeling it. Jesus was familiar with worrying, too, and I take great comfort in his humanity. Jesus said, “worrying doesn’t add a single day to your life. Today’s worries are enough for today.” What are your worries? Pray about them. Write them down. Give them away and give them over. Do today’s work. Love with today’s love. Reach out with today’s reaching. And, rest, knowing that while we rest, God is ever at work redeeming, creating, and re-creating the world.

With great love, and a deep and abiding hope,

Pastor Sarah


what's coming up at the church?

In-person activities are postponed. For more information please call the church office at 973-887-2197.

Take good care of yourself and your neighbors.