Session letter notes – summer newsletter

What’s your WHY? 

WHY do you come to church?  WHY do you spend that couple of hours on a Sunday morning instead of the 100’s of other things the world tells us we want to be doing with our weekend? Let’s ponder on this thought for just a few minutes.

Maybe you sincerely love to worship and know that church is a place where music, scripture and inspiration are there for you- a comfort and support.

Maybe words don’t come easily to you in prayer and you long for that peace that the Holy Spirit brings in prayer.

Maybe you feel a sense of commitment to family and friends.

Maybe you love the music and comfort of tradition.

Maybe you LOVE to eat sweets, sip coffee and fellowship with others.

Maybe that warm hand that greets you every week is your only chance to receive a sincere smile because the work world does not provide that connection.

Hopefully you know that your church really loves you. In spite of our flaws or generational differences, our dialect is LOVE… that transcends all.

Do you remember your WHY?

I grew up going to church every week- without fail. Sunday was my favorite day of the week because I knew that when I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere else, my church welcomed me with smiles and love. Church was my home and I’m so thankful that my children have found that same Grace here at FPCW. We make memories together; retreats, parades, picnics, inter-generational events, youth services and all sorts of special opportunities that make my kids love Sundays too.

But have you noticed when that stops?

Let’s be present together this summertime. Sure, enjoy your vacations but when you return please come be where you are loved, accepted and adored. Bring your smile and your vacation stories to share. Bring your prayer requests and let us embrace each other in times of challenge and need. God’s love is constant and our fellowship, worship and memory making can be too! Bring your neighbor or extend it to the neighborhood! Just invite them and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Share God’s Love and let them see how wonderful it is to be part of our family in Christ.

So please ask yourself; “What’s your WHY” and use that as your reason to invite friends so they’ll feel welcome here. WE at FPCW live fully in God’s love and are committed to bringing His love into our community- 12 months of the year.

God is your WHY.

Submitted with love and joy, by elder Kris LeDonne



Thank you to everyone who came out and helped the youth group organize our donations for The Kindness Project!

Thanks to you we filled over 30 totes, 8 boxes and 6 bags

full of clothing, toys and toiletries.

Thanks to you helping us get organized we were able to make donations to the Women’s Battered Shelter, Big Brothers and  Big Sisters of Morris County and ReStart Ministry.  This is an ongoing project and help is always needed.

Any questions please see Joanne, Elisa or Bunk.



Senior High Highlights


Club 3:16




Sunday ~ July 1st

 Week of Hope

9 :30 Leave for Burtonsville, MD– WooHoo!!!


Sunday ~ July 1st- Friday July 6th

Week of Hope!!!!


   Friday ~ June 13th

Mountain TOP Trailer Packing &  Sleep Over 7:30PM


Saturday ~ July 14th

4:30AM - Leave for Mountain T.O.P.


Sunday July 14th – Saturday July 22nd

MOUNTAIN T.O.P.!!!! WooHoo!!


Sunday ~ July 22nd

Welcome Home Party at the Cortright’s

(approx. 3:30PM)





Please pray for our youth and their advisors for safe travels.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers while they reach out to others.

May God lead them as they meet the physical, social,

emotional and spiritual needs of others.

While our youth and adults are away from their everyday lives

may they reconnect with our Lord, with each other and with themselves.

As they are away from their daily distractions may they take time

to pause, hush and listen. In the name of the Lord, we live and pray~Amen


Please pray with us daily:


July 14            Psalm 139: 1-6

Pray for safe travel. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the way for the team and its members to do His work. Praise God for this special ministry.


July 15           Psalm 3: 3-5

Pray for a welcoming spirit all around, for those coming, and for those who will receive. Pray for rest and energy. Praise God that He is able to sustain us.


July 16                 Proverbs 3: 5-8

Pray for wisdom to see the paths of understanding between people or mercy in difficult situations. Praise God for His guidance, comfort, and strength.


July 17                Philemon 4-7

Pray for the team, its members, and the people they serve to be open to the work of the Holy Spirit. Praise God for Christ who intercedes for us.


July 18                 Ephesians 6: 10-19

Pray for the team to be spiritually prepared to act and speak God's Word.  Praise God for His protection.


July 19            John 16: 33; Matthew 5: 3-12

Pray for encouragement in body as well as spirit. Rejoice that God keeps steadfast love for good to those who love Him and are called to His purpose.


July 20           II Corinthians 9: 12-15

Thank God and praise Him for the work done by the team and its members. Pray for them to have the grace of God to walk each day.


July 21           Proverbs 11: 25; Luke 6: 38

Pray for God's generosity in meeting the needs and that the team and its members will feel the love coming back to them. Thank Him for His love.


July 22         Psalm 121

Praise God for this day, which is His. Pray for these special ones to be kept safe as they return home.


Mountain T.O.P. Mail

Nothing cures homesickness more than a letter from home!

Please won’t you take a minute to write to the 2018 Mission Team

while they are on their mission trip!

You can lift their spirits with a letter from home, a care package

full of goodies to share or a simple postcard sent with love.


Our Mission dates are:

Leave Whippany, NJ on Saturday, July 14th                              

                                Arrive in TN on Sunday, July 15th

                                Work at Mountain TOP July 16th- July 21st

      Arrive back in Whippany, NJ on Sunday, July 22nd

                               Our Mailing address is:

“Campers Name”

Mountain T.O.P.

Camp Baker Mountain
263 Mountain T.O.P. Rd

Spencer, TN 38585


***Please note: Our youth will have very limited access to their phones but if you want to email them at the youth group email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will do my best to see that they get the email – up on the mountain

it is not always a guarantee that we get internet service

(it depends on which way the wind is blowing).



Join us for







“Jesus is man’s best friend!”


The Christian Education Ministry is looking for adults and teens

to help out with our Sunday Send Out program!


Each Sunday we provide a Christian based youth program

that involves a Bible lesson, movie and craft.


All lessons and materials are ready for you to use!

All you need to do is teach from the heart and spread your

love and enthusiasm for our Lord to our children.


Please sign up to give your time one Sunday in July or August.

Sign-up sheets are found outside the Church School Office.


Any questions please email Joanne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Gentlemen (usually) of First Presbyterian Church of Whippany,

For our JUNE Men's Breakfast gathering on Saturday, June 9, 15 attended our actual breakfast at Whippany Diner, including some visiting ladies who helped make the special occasion special.  Because 2018 is the 300th ANNIVERSARY YEAR year of our grandmother church located on the Whippany Burying Yard grounds, we adjourned from breakfast to tour the Yard.  Nine VOLUNTEERS interpreted individual graves of some of the stalwarts reposing there, including some of the charter members of our congregation.  The tour guide unfortunately skipped over two of the volunteer grave interpreters (in haste), and yet the tour still took 100 minutes ---- still just scratching the Yard's historical surface.


Another opportunity for grave interpretations will be coming for the Landmark Commission's public tour on July 4, to kick off Morris County's commemoration of Independence Day.


For our JULY (after) BREAKFAST GATHERING on Saturday, 07/14/18, 8:30 am, Jude Pfister, Chief of Cultural Resources of Morristown National Historical Park, will come tell about the more famous half of the Ford families of 18th century Morris --- the cousins of the Whippany Fords who lived in the Morristown mansion both before and after General George Washington made his military headquarters there in 1780:


"The Ford Families of Early Morristown"


The Morristown Fords were "double cousins" of the Whippany Fords because the brothers Jacob and Samuel Ford (of Whippany) married sisters Hannah and Sarah Baldwin (of Newark).   And both couples had eight children.  Some became famous. One of the Whippany litter became ... infamous.


Jude Pfister is the author of "The Fords of New Jersey," published in 2010, and has written several other books on the background of Morristown National Historical Park and the historic culture of this area.  For this special speaker and special topic related to Hanover Township's Tricentennial Commemoration Season (2015 to 2020), I am inviting the Members and volunteers of Hanover Township's Landmark Commission to join us ... even (because it's a special occasion) .... gulp! .... ladies !


Please mark your calendar for this special Saturday morning gathering on July 14 @ 8:30 am.