Our Roots

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In June 1833, the Presbytery of Newark met in Whippany for the purpose of forming the new First Presbyterian Church of Whippany.  The original 40 members were those who had worshiped in the Hanover church. Nodiah P. Thomas, Elijah Hopping  and James Tuttle were named Elders.  Jared Kitchell was named Deacon. The first Trustees were Nodiah Thomas, James Tuttle, W. H. Blything, Albert T. Hopping and David Howell.

Now that the Whippany people had a pastor, at least for the immediate future, and a definite structure, they could turn their attention to acquiring a church building. The site for the prospective church was chosen on July 4, 1833.  It was a tract of land adjoining the Academy, purchased for ten dollars from Timothy Tuttle and his wife Susan W. Tuttle.


On September  3, 1833, a building fund was begun. Some gave money, others pledged work or materials.   Builders began preparing materials for a new church building, which was to be built under the direction of Mr. Elijah Hopping, called “boss”. Nine months later, on June 19, 1834, almost a month before the church was  actually completed, the Whippany people gathered in the new sanctuary to dedicate themselves and their church to  the worship and service of Almighty God. The builders finished their work on July 16, 1834.  The first Communion service was held on the first Sunday of July, 1834. On this occasion, twenty new members were added to church membership.