Our Roots

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In 2009, we celebrate and pay tribute to the Whippany people of 1834.  Those Whippany people who left the Hanover church in 1833 had no church to go to and no pastor to lead them.   They did have a clear plan in mind. They knew where they would meet until a church was available and they knew how to find a pastor. They were not thrown by the lack of resources.  They were not too proud to ask for help.  Their congregations knew periods of growth and periods of decline.   The church they built, still stands.   Something about the Whippany people attracted and attracts others to them.  They were and are kind, caring, prayerful and faithful. Like the 1834 Whippany people, we  too dedicate ourselves and our church to the worship and service of Almighty God.  Had they had the opportunity, one wonders if they would have identified themselves as “Growing in Faith and Discipleship for Jesus Christ?” Perhaps those words link us more directly to the 1834 people than we originally thought. On the Sunday nearest June 24th we will start the next 175 years in the life of this church. In the year 2184, will the congregation honor and celebrate the work we begin?  Time will tell!