Our Roots

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The sanctuary served the congregation well for 117 years, with only modest alterations. There came a time, however when the sanctuary could not meet all the congregation’s need for space. In January 1950, the congregation authorized the Board of Trustees to proceed with construction of a parish hall.  The cost was estimated at 50 thousand dollars.  Facilities to be added were a kitchen, meeting rooms, an area for social events, including a stage.  The space was to be convertible to church-school use.  The parish hall, which stands to the east of the sanctuary, was completed and dedicated in 1951.  The building seemed to have more space than would ever  be needed.  There was even space enough to open the thriving Vacation Bible School to the community.  During the next decade, church-school attendance exploded, requiring the congregation to rent space in the local school for church-school classes and leading to the construction of a church education building in 1961. It was completed and dedicated the same year. Still, despite the added space, recent years have sometimes found facilities so overcrowded that unscheduled session meetings had to be held, once again, in the sanctuary. On January 25, 1960 the congregation amended its by-laws to form a unicameral session, enlarging it to 21 members and making it responsible for both the spiritual and for the corporate affairs of the church.  Today, 14 women and men do the work once done by three men who knew neither car, nor telephone, nor email.